E-Health Data Security Policy

The digitalization in Heath Care is happening fast. An Electronic Health Record is a prime example of such application where patient’s information is being recorded in digital format that is theoretically capable of being shared across different health care settings. Through EMR patient’s recorded data can be tracked over time. This system saves physician time and increase quality of care.

In developed countries it is already established in all private and Government Health Care Center but in developing country like ours, it is using in some modern facilitated hospitals only; and some other health centers are about to enter into this digitalized procedure. A great initiative has been taken by Bangladesh Government to create a National Health Data Ware House of Bangladesh where health data from different Govt. Health Care Centers are being collected and summarized through two open source software solutions: DHIS2 and Open MRS.
However, the smart protection of such human data (male or female) aren’t in consideration by the health centers where most of these record systems are developed & aligned with health care billing system only.

For international health data share particularly for treatment plan and specific agendas of health research these accumulated data need protection from privacy leaking. Second vital concern is about government protection of personal information is important for individual rights of living. Thirdly and finally a national policy of health & personal information will protect nation of Bangladesh from any insecure hassles.

Our foremost and valid concern is that- still we don’t have any policies for the security of this health & personal data. We need it because-
a. There have been cases in which medical information has been accessed by unauthorized users. An unauthorized disclosure of medical records to the press or employer for an individual (as example, with the HIV) especially in case of female population, celebrity or politician could create a devastating effect. This result might include family or community ostracism, job loss etc.
b. Possibility of misuse of health information records by authorized users.

To ensure security and privacy of Health Data there should be a policy in all Health Care industries or service providers where personal health information of all human should be securely organized. Critical and sensitive information will also be securely managed. Human privacy and confidentiality has to be preserved. Violation of any of policy will lead to severe consequences.

Therefore, aiming at to formulate a policy in Bangladesh, BFES is studying to develop a draft policy on Electronic Health Data Security.