The principal role of the General Body (GB) is stewardship of the BFES initiated Amader Gram programs upholding institutional value, including the protection and enhancement of the value of its assets, as the fundamental objective.

The Executive Committee (EC), through the Director sets the attitude and disposition of the BFES towards compliance with applicable laws, environmental, safety and policies, financial practices and reporting. In addition to its primary accountability to BFES-AG programs, the EC is also accountable to employees, government authorities, other stakeholders and the public.

The Secretariat is headed by the Director responsible to implement all BFES-AG programs at central and field level. The Director oversees the conduct of the business and management, which is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the program activity.

General Body (Members):

  • Syed Marghub Morshed, Former Secretary, GoB
  • Prof. Mahmudul Haque, Institute of Fine Art, Dhaka University(Deceased)
  • Architect, Robiul Hussain(Deceased)
  • Karar Mahmudul Hassan, Former Secretary, GoB
  • Debashish Nag, Former Deputy Secretary, GoB
  • Sharif Mizanur Rahman, Rtd. Major, Bangladesh Army
  • Sk Abdul Jalil, Freedom Fighter, Rampal, Bagerhat (Deceased)
  • Sk. Bazlur Rahman, Former UP Chairman, Rampal, Bagerhat
  • Jiniya Afroze, Communication Consultant
  • Musa Ibrahim, Chairman, Everest Academy
  • Md. Ariful Islam Arman, ICT Specialist
  • Md. Enamul Haque, Social Worker
  • Md. Toufikul Islam, Social Worker
  • Reza Salim, Development Specialist

Executive Committee (January 2022 to December 2023):

  • President: Debashish Nag
  • Secretary: Reza Salim (Director)
  • Treasurer: Musa Ibrahim
  • Member: Jiniya Afroze
  • Member: Md. Toufikul Islam

BFES Secretariat:

  • Director: Reza Salim
  • Health Program Head: Dr. Ayrin Akter Supta
  • HR and Administration Head: Swapan Sengupta
  • Accounts Head: Sohana Afrin